I did it. Onnik spent a lot of time convincing me it's important to have a blog in English. Well, my friend, I finally made it here.

So, my yet non-existing followers, today was a very special day for me - I finally got to see Azerbaijani police department, or the way we call it "otdeleniye". But let me start with a little intro.

Azerbaijan is a young post-soviet country, which fought for its independence for ages and thanks to Gorbachev, finally got it almost 20 years ago. Many things happened since.

We lost Nagorno Karabakh and our friendship with neighboring Armenia became a history, which led to many broken families, civilian casualties and other tragedies on both sides of the border.

After "father" a.k.a "national granpa" a.k.a "nationwide leader" Heydar Aliyev came back as a President in 1993, we immidiatelly attracted the world's biggest oil companies and piles of money in addition.

Thus, today we have a lot of rich ministers, rich relatives of ministers, totalitarian regime, monopoly, corruption and so on. And a McDonald's.

Anyway. Today I was dragged to the police station for walking with flowers on Flower Day. Ridiculous, you say? I agree. Read this if you're interested in more details and pictures from today's arrests.

May 10, 2009 was a very special day for me.

Welcome to my blog.