Two days after the arrest


1. Along with the supportive crowd, come the critics. "You had a quite celebration after the release. Does it go along with the "we want mourning" protest?" they ask. I have nothing to answer, except "Have you ever tried to spend three hours with stupid policemen and panicking women?". Some of the friends say: "At least they JOINED the protest". 2. Every person who starts a conversation with me says "I'm sorry, I was at the countryside that day and couldn't join you". Didn't you know, that a lot of protest actions were planned for Sunday. Why would you leave then?

3. There are also some smart-asses asking us "Was it necessary? You're lucky they didn't beat you up or so". So? You prefer to be afraid while some people think otherwise.

4. Police came to my house to "check the registrations," asking my mom questions about me.