H for Honor

Our Vision prevails over their fear… Our Passion prevails over their power…

Our Love prevails over their hate…

Celebrate our Vision for Freedom!

Passion for Justice!

Love for Humanity!

Emin Milli. November 11, 2009

First message after the sentence.

"Bazaleti lake is very peaceful, quiet and beautiful", I thought when I first arrived to the location I was supposed to stay for 8 days.

It was going to be fun: three South Caucasus countries, German organizers, simulations, fake news, jokes.

On our third day there I received the news about court decision..


The court was appointed to November 11. The time has changed on the last day from 3pm to 10:30am. This wasn't a good sign.

The absent witnesses didn't show up. The prosecutor made his speech, asking for 3,5 years for Emin and 3 years for Adnan.

Then Adnan talked: "Your honor, I'm asking you to take into consideration that Emin is a newlywed, his wife is doing PhD in one of the World's most famous universities - Columbia University. Also, his parents are pensioners and need his support. ", he said, and then added, "We'll serve our term somehow and return to normal life in 3 years, but these two IDPs you made beat us up, fake witnesses and policemen you forced to bring here & give false testimonies will have to live with this until the end of their lives."

"It is an honor for me... It is an honor for me that I am punished for my ideas - my friends, please let everyone know this through sms, e-mails and Facebook". Emin was short, but this speech made the whole audience stand up, applaude and shout "Azadliq" (Az. Freedom) right in the court room.

After a short break the judge read the decision: they both got sentenced..

A week after the court hearing - everything is back to normal: loads of received and sent e-mails, translations, news, links, statements, videos and the same routine we've been living in last four months. But this time everything is doubled - emotions, goals, inspirations, motivations. This time there are no limits, we're moving towards our goal breaking the walls, clearing the obstacles.

But as this case became one of the dirtiest and at the same time well-known in the contemporary history of Azerbaijan a new group of Azerbaijan Honor Defenders emerged out of the circle of careerists, pro-Governmental puppets and Governmental decision makers. What are they doing? Histerically trying to prove themselves right, by involving "public figures" who write articles and post it on the most popular sources, by making statements, commenting on the case, calling us spies, saying the West pays us, asking why we're so emotional.

They have no idea that the whole AdnanEmin Campaign is a result of a hard work of a small group of people, and those who helped and supported them. The only money this group received (besides chipping in for the protest actions and etc.) were donations for the families of Emin and Adnan, which were fully received by them. The members of this group refused good jobs, or acted despite the positions they hold. They would work openly or anonimously, sending/receiving information, collecting donations, showing all the possible support.

They say "they know" where we get money for all this, and who would sponsor Emin for all the anti-Azerbaijani acts. They simply can't imagine that people can work for nothing, besides the idea they share, love and unity. It doesn't fit in their minds.

But the saddest thing is - even if they do know/imagine/feel - they are not allowed to speak up.

So yes, we're THAT popular now :)

In the coming months there will be a series of events dedicated to Emin and Adnan. Check Facebook and other sources to get updates. Wherever you are you will be able to participate.

There is also a new project - a blog of Emin and Adnan, based on the letters guys send from the prison. Each letter is a new post. You can follow it on www.adnanemin.com.

And while the Honor Defenders get lowest ratings on the sources they post their articles at, we get feedbacks and 800 views in three days.

Because they simply can't IMAGINE.

And we simply don't CARE.


The court hearing was supposed to start two hours ago when I was running through the whole territory of the complex to spend my lunch time surfing Facebook for the news.

I got into the lobby opened my laptop and clicked the address without even taking my coat off.

Next thing I saw were four words: 2 and 2-and-a-half years.

And then there was nothing...


"Bazaleti lake is awfully quiet" I thought sitting on the shore of it on November 11, 2009.

Another point of no return.