Life is about many different things. Work, personal life, friends, parents, traffic jams, routine, facebooks, skypes…

And you manage not to think about your imprisoned friends for a while. There’s always something happening around you.

Then while cleaning your desktop (another part of the routine) you find their pictures from you birthday. Both free and happy, taking pictures with people, hugging them, talking about ideas.

Enjoying the routine.

And you feel it again – the pain of injustice. This is not the way it is supposed to be. Not them, not like this..

In Georgia we made a speech in front of 30 people from 4 countries.

At a very last moment I decided to add to a very inspirational speech of Ruslan. Somehow I remember my words very well. Maybe because of the sincerity I said them with:

“Adnan is a guy who studied, travelled all around the world and came back home, because he felt it was the time. Later he joined the army.

He's someone who has the vision, the beliefs, the idea. Someone worth being proud of.

Emin has changed my life in too many ways to count, changed my set of mind.

He’s not just a human being, he’s a spirit.

He would always say: “It was always only 5-6 of us”.

I wish you all to have friends like Emin and Adnan and experience what it feels like to stand among this kind of 5-6 people.

And feel THAT proud.”

This will be the shortest post on my blog. Because life is about many different things.

And one of them is spreading the spirit of Adnan and Emin while they are away…