A Man and a Woman... And Lider TV.

One of my first posts on this blog was about the powerful word "ayib" and it's importance for our society. Well, now you can forget it. Why? Because, apparently, that's what the state media wants us to do. The closer parliamentary elections, the funnier things here get. Now, we get to watch free porn in prime time. So here's the story.

Imagine an ordinary Azerbaijani family, preparing to have dinner. The father just came home from work, checking the grades of his kids. Probably, slapping them a couple of times for bad behavior. The daughter putting plates on the table, dreaming about getting married with the neighbor boy, mother finishing with cooking. They all gather at the table, mother pouring juice in glasses, father taking TV's remote, switching it on. They're going to watch news on Lider TV. The news start, the anchor tells news on President's trips and meetings, talks on Armenian army breaking the ceasefire again and announces a video report. And the TV shows THIS.

BAAAAM! How is it?

Two weeks before parliamentary elections, the pro-government television channel Lider has aired a secretly filmed video of an opposition newspaper editor and a woman having sex, RFE/RL's Azerbaijani Service reports.

The video was first made public on October 12, when a user under the name of "Mohammad Azadi" posted and distributed it on social-media networks. Several local media outlets also received a DVD version of the video in the mail.

But the broadcast of parts of the video on October 25 was the first time a nationwide TV station aired it. It was labeled "The Naked Truth of the Opposition."

They showed all the important moments. The man taking woman's clothes off, the scenes of oral sex, lovers changing poses. The only thing they cared about doing is hiding the genitals of two. And of course, the voice on the background, using strong phrases and stressing the immorality of the picture.

The announcer says that what is happening in the video is a result of the "asymetric policy from the West."

While engaging in oral sex, the Lider TV moderator said "we have to show this to the Western world, especially to France, so they know that their methods are very close to our opposition."

The moderator added that the video was leaked to other opposition newspapers and was distributed publicly by a rival opposition group. "This shows how 'united' our opposition is," the moderator concluded.

The man on the video is Azer Ahmedov, a technical editor of the opposition newspaper "Azadliq". The chief editor Ganimat Zahid and reporter Mirza Zakit of this same newspaper have spent years in jail on obviously fake hooliganism and drug-possession charges. Its investigative reporter Agil Khalil, who I personally know and respect, left the country after being stabbed in 2008. State run media later portrayed him as being "a homosexual." By the way, this story was also widely shown on other state channel, and is still available on Youtube.

Azer Ahmedov, a technical editor of the opposition newspaper "Azadliq," admitted a few days after the video appeared online that he is in the video. Ahmedov, who is separated from his wife, then resigned from his job and reportedly went to Turkey.

So, basically "A man had sex with a woman", reported Lider TV.


Nushirevan Maharramli, the head of the National Council on TV and Radio, refused to comment on the decision of Lider TV to air the video.

"I haven't seen the show yet, I will talk after I see it," he told RFE/RL.

Have fun watching it, Mr. Maharramli.