Soviet Union

10 Opening Credits You Have To Recognize...

...if you were growing up in 80-90s in a post-Soviet country. Special thanks to my brother for having an awesome memory!

I'll go chronologically backwards, from the ones you remember for sure, to the ones that'll awaken your earliest memories.

1. Sunset Beach 1997-1999

Yes, we were young, stupid and were watching this blah

2. Hélène et Les Garçons 1992-1994

I mean... Yeah, we were all in love with this cute bass-guitar guy, who probably had no idea how to play it.

3. Twin Peaks 1990-1991

Would scare me to death every time they show the dead girl.

4. Agatha Christie's Poirot 1989-2010

Loved reading it, loved watching it.

5. Crime Story 1986-1988

This was one of my favorites. It was my favorite time of the day, when I would climb on my dad's laps and pretend to understand why these men shoot each other. But I definitely loved the theme song.

6. Moonlighting 1985-1989

This was when I fell in love with Bruce Willis and I'm still faithful, even after a number of trashy action movies. When the series ended, me and my brother were dreaming about writing the continuation.

7. Santa-Barbara 1984-1993

The most favorite guilty-pleasure of our parents.

8. Mike Hammer 1984-1987

The cool guy.

9. La Piovra 1984 (Mini-series)

Every Azerbaijani remembers and loves this one.

10. Return to Eden 1983 (mini-series)

I even remember some quotes, goddammit.

Of course there was much more - I didn't include the Latin American ones. I'm just wondering did no one have lives back then?!

Anyway, enjoy :)